1 Salma Youngblood Middle School 2022 5’9″ Guard
5 Julia Carquitan Middle School 2022 5’4″ Guard
12 Keila Teruya Cathedral Catholic High School 2021 5’7″ Guard
21 Angelica McBride Serra High School 2021 5’10” Guard/Forward
22 Breya Cunningham Middle School 2023 5’10” Forward
25 Isuneh Brady Middle School 2022 6’2″ Forward
40 Elizabeth Bremermann Scripps Ranch 2021 5’5″ Guard
43 Nikki Madgedi Del Norte High School 2021 5’6″ Guard
0 Jacey Danks Granite Hills High School 2021 6’3″ Center

All players are registered with NCAA.
Inquiries can be emailed to sophia@sdintensity.com

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