San Diego Intensity Basketball players Isuneh Brady (’22), Breya Cunningham (’23), and Salma Youngblood (’22) attended the Elite 100 Exposure camp on August 26-27. The event, run by Elite Girls Basketball, featured talent from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego, Arizona, and player from as far away as Oklahoma. Girls basketball players ages 11 – 17 competed in individual and team competitions. in front of several NCAA scouts and recruiting services.

Here is what the scouts had to say.

Isuneh Brady – 2022 – San Diego, California – Plenty of size…College level frame to build upon…Lefty…Aggressive with and without the ball…Physically strong and beginning to grasp how to put it to use…Reads on the catch…Has been coached…Forward to a degree at this point on her perimeter shot but sound stroke…All the tools are there

Salma Youngblood – 2022 – San Diego, California – Physically strong backcourt threat…Aggressive with the ball…Strong individual skills…Gets to the rim…Solid build with potential for growth…Step back covers plenty of ground to create space…Shot selection could be sharper at times…Lots of promise

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